Where to work reading tarot cards etc?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where to work reading tarot cards etc?

I am moving to London to study in the new year and was hoping to offer my services as a Tarot Card reader someplace to make a little extra money. I also do Astrology and have been studying these arts for 20 years now but have never yet charged for readings. As I will be a student looking for part time work I do feel the time has come to charge something for the readings. Anybody have any suggestions where to go, markets, shops, pubs, Tarot phone lines etc?

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
New Age Bookstores almost always have readers. You can ask at many places of business like restaurants and pubs. You never know who might say yes. I don’t like phone lines. I have read for them and they basically take all the money and rip the readers off. You have no way of proving what is happening online.

Also, find your local psychic community and get involved. Many times they have psychic fairs etc. and it you are known in the community, you will be invited.

Best wishes.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do these tarot cards mean when they are reversed?

had a 36 card reading today, and i had alot of cards that were reversed. some of them included

death, marriage, desire, lover, widow,thief, journey, love, anger, letter, falseness,visit, fidelity, merriment and loss

none of the cards have numbers on them, so im having a hard time looking the meanings up online.

please let me know what these cards mean.

Answer by Pastafarian
It means the cards are reversed.

Answer by Joe P
Nothing whatsoever.

Answer by implumbus
tarot cards mean nothing….

Answer by Paula
It can mean whatever you want it to mean.
I’m guessing, but I would expect about half the cards would be reversed, based on the law of probability.

Answer by thorndrose
This actually doesn’t sound like a tarot deck. It sounds like a variation on the lenormand. Was the entire deck used in the reading?

Answer by M
According to the book I have (Introductory to Tarot by Susan Levitt) It doesn’t mean anything at all. Some people chose to make it mean the “opposite” but, according to her and other Tarot readers I’ve met, it means nothing. Just turn it right side up.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card reading online

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