who can do a psychic reading over email?

tarot card reading free

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : who can do a psychic reading over email?

Or a tarot card reading. If you can do it for free that would be great.

Answer by Milos
Are you kidding?

You are deluded enough to think that psychics have any merit?
It’s a scam, kid.

Answer by Vulcan
nobody – it’s all a complete fraud.

Answer by shallee s
Even if you could find one it would be useless, because it is the computer which will choose what is already saved in their database. Don’t waste your time on this.

Answer by Frank
Tonight, you will think of the thing that has bothering you. The question will be clear. You will lay in bed and think about it, and the answer will be clear. You will realize that it is the answer you knew all along but were too uncertain to trust. You will wake up with a new trust in yourself and your decision, and you will be pleased with your new confidence and with the solution to your problem, even though the solution won’t be easy.

Answer by charisma
I am not psychic, and I don’t use a computer program but I would be fine giving you a tarot reading. (free)

Answer by Juan
I’d be happy to do one for you. Juanh71595@yahoo.com

Answer by u don’t know me
It is best to do it in person.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a tarot reader out there willing to read my cards for free?

I don’t really care if the tarot card reading things are true or not, I just want to have the experience.

Answer by Just Plain Bob
free readings are available at the following website:


Answer by Meg
Well you need to clarify what you’d like a reading on. The cards are showing me that you just had to move on to a new place, either a new job or a new home, and that it all seemed great the first few months, however things have changed radically now. There’s a lot of fighting involved, back stabbing and chaos, involving you taking care of another person, or someone who seems like a mom to you. You’re being advised to suck it up for a little while longer and not to dwell on your past so much, which is very emotional from what the cards are showing me, there’s a sense of shutting yourself down emotionally too. No matter how hard you try a lot of the things going on are not going to make a lot of sense to you, even if you feel stuck, you are the type of person that can just keep on plowing through anything, regardless if you’re hurt, sick, or just tired and worn out. Remember to keep a rein on your emotions and trust your gut when you feel that things aren’t right. And never hesitate to talk to someone about your feelings.

Answer by Katherine
I’ll do it. Email me at saggemini@yahoo.com or go to my site http://www.wix.com/rhettarot/saggemini.

Written by Drewthepsychic

I am a natural born medium, clairvoyant and empath, which means I see and feel things. My spiritual counseling, psychic readings and medium connections cover all areas in life, career, health, finances and relationships.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, two modalities I can incorporate into my consults at the consent of the client.

How I work

As a Psychic Medium, I tune into energy, spirits and my guides and answer any specific questions you might have. During a reading the only information I will ask for is your name and age. Please come prepared with a list of questions you are seeking the answers to.

During a reading I do not use psychic aids or tools (cards or pendulums etc.) with the exception of automatic typing while I am channeling.

I work as a Medium channeling past loved ones, which I have found has incredibly therapeutic benefits, facilitating healing and the promotion of a wonderful sense of peace to loved ones on this side.

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