Why do i have night mares about tarot teller?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do i have night mares about tarot teller?

So i went to a tarrot teller to get my cards read but now i keep having nightmares about her and about other tarot tellers ive never met im really scared wHat does this mean????

Answer by tsnmcnn
they cuming 4 u man, run 4 ure life man

Answer by Arie
It simply means that you are a naive and gullible person, no offence intended. Tarot is simply make believe. It is fake. It is only to scam you out of your money, which you deserve if you are that naive and gullible. I hope that you have learned a lesson from this and that you will educate yourself.

Answer by Iron Monkey and Top Cat are Back
When you went to the tarrot teller.
Also known as a fortune teller, psychic, etc..
You basically gave Satan control of your life.
Give your life back to God and you’ll be fine.
You dealt with a diabolical source, and a demon has entered your mind.
There’s good news.
Stay in deep prayer, and meditate.
Give God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit your full attention and respect.
Then ask him (God) to stay with you, protect you, and guide you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Could you help me with this tarrot card reading?

So I asked if I will be single forever and got:
Queen of Swords, King of Swords, Judgement, The Chariot, Justice, Queen of Coins, Nine of Wands, Nine of Swords, Three of Swords, Six of Cups, Then of Coins

Thats my cards, not really in a certain order. I don’t kniw if the order of where they were layed out matters. I just basically read them right across. But yeah, what does it all mean?

Answer by UK♥lady
means nothing specific, and tart cna be quite vague at times

as the tarot cannot give definate yes or no answers as a guide, you will make quick decisions soon, and I see travel in a car, and money coming to you, and some heartbreak or an operation for someone, and some money through being in a good career and helping others .and also a court case or something to do with a separation. did you try read for yourself, it never works if you read your own hand i think

hope this helps

Answer by Aunnika
First of all – I think you are asking a yes, no question. Not usually used in the Celtic Cross placement.

Second – if you are asking a “forever” or and “end all be all” question like this with Tarot. I suggest you just stay away from this tool and know that you have the answers not the cards ;))

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when someone tells you that your love line isn’t present?

Some kid in my class read my palm today and told me that my love line wasn’t there… What is this supposed to mean?

Answer by MGD
Listen Jordan,

Palm reading is garbage along with Astrology, tarrot cards, tea leaves, and any other hocus pocus futuristic type scams.

Forget it and write them off as gullible teenagers.

Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by such dribble – your future is what you make it!

Put in the hard yards and you will succeed. Spend time nurturing friendships and you will attract friends. Treat people with respect and they will do the same to you and you will find love or love will find you and it will have nothing to do with a crease in your hand.

Best wishes and regards Mike D

Written by Angelchild

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