Why do women like taro cards and all those things?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do women like taro cards and all those things?

Why do women like taro cards and all that stupid crap like reading on hand. I can make it funny by reading on hand, but i am not fascinated by it like women are. Or it is just a good excuse for women to be near men that tell them stuff?

Answer by Vynomous Drummer
Horoscopes and all of that stuff, it piques their interest, they like learning about the future, and being told if they’re gonna meet and marry a man with lots of money and pecs and sh*t. but don’t be skeptical, that sh*t kind of works, ive seen it

Answer by ANON
I think it has more to do with western culture and the new age movement (Sylvia Brown) rather than being gender specific.

People that claim to have esoteric knowledge have come from all walks of life. Shamans, alchemists, astrologers, prophets, ect.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever gotten your palm read? Were the things they said – come true?

Would you reccomend it?

Answer by tony a
i have had it read ….i dont even remember what was said,,i wouldnt recommend it…

Answer by middnightangell75
The man I saw told me things from the past like a secret between my mom and me that I told no one, I mean no one else. He ever told me the exact age I was when my father had cancer. But, I’m still waiting on the guy whose initial is D and has something to do with a car that I’m supposed to be in a relationship with. 🙁

Answer by iambettyboop
My first and only experience was very true.
It was even more true when I did a taro card
reading,,,,,,,,it was word for word.
The most far out and freakiest things came true.
I laughed it off then ,,,,,, but low and behold I’m
not laughing anymore !!

Answer by Schatzi
They never told me about the past, so I dunno. But about my future they said that I would have to divorce once and that I would travel alot.
The travel thing sounds cool but I would rather not get married now. I mean things like that do effect my feelings so I wouldn’t let anyone read my palms anymore.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : disagreements with the Book of Taro, why for?

I use the Book of Taro, yes (Tarot cards), and I love them. They are wonderful. Some decks are crap since they are just contrived poo not based on the higher systems that good decks are made from. The cards symbolize energies and data
banks, acting like chemicals synthesized in varied arrangements… it is all about relationships. There are even many ‘Christian’ symbolisms in the cards, as there are many other systems in the cards. And yes, there is some cooperation from spirits in the use of the cards… but not restricted to the frightful negative kind that everyone is so afraid of.

My question is this: why do so many people consider the cards and the symbolic nature of the cards as ‘evil’ and ‘demonic’? (may I remind you that demons are spirits, neutral, good, or destructive… but spirits nonetheless, lesser than human, and controllable)

This question does not apply to those who just see them as pieces of paper covered in wax with pretty pictures on them.
To answer the question about preferred decks, in my opinion the only two that are worth anything is the Thoth deck and the Golden Dawn deck… all other (that aren’t modeled after Crowley’s corrections) are inaccurate.
nowpower: I will have to check that deck, sounds particularly nice… question, if it isn’t based on the original Taro, is it still called Taro?

Answer by MaEOdude
i have a cheap deck and i have never thought about that, i believe people don’t like other people having powers they can’t control. its we are all either boring powerless humans, or nothing at all , people fear those who seek into the deeper meaning of life. they fear what they can’t understand. and they sometimes fear knowing the future. I started developing clairvoyant dreams and got scared, they stopped- i was seeing things i didn’t want to know about same with most people, some don’t like the sound of bad news as in predictions.

Answer by Lindsay Jane
I have been reading Tarot for 34 years and they are not evil .It is how people interpret them that can make them evil.Used in the right way for good reasons they offer guidance and direction to others.It depends upon the person who is reading them.

Answer by Khrysorrhapis
Because according to the Bible, “Fortune-Telling” is wrong. Nothing more complicated than that; The Bible says it has an evil use.

Many people forget that the Tarot is not necessarily a fortune telling device, but a very detailed way to train one’s self in Symbol-speak. I mean, it has that use, but it has it in a far deeper way.

The Christian symbolism is easy to explain. Even though the bible frequently condemns sorcery [etc.], Cabbalists and other Christian mystics have ignored that rule forever. I mean, look at Goetia, a lot of that’s VERY Christian, but seems to be universally frowned on.

That and they never really understand that Trump XV is not their devil, but more of an archetype for materialism and physicality. [Among others].

I have to ask, what’s your most studied deck? Mine’s the Thoth [No, I don’t have a Greenie, but if you’d like to give me one… ;p ] .

Answer by Mrs Avatard
I have been reading them for years & have found a lot pf ppl don’t want to hear the truth, I think that’s where the distorted perception of ‘evil’ comes in.

Answer by Nowpower
I own a set of Osho Zen Tarot Cards. I’m sure they’re not modeled after Crowley’s design because they’re designed not to tell you your fortune, but to assist in communication between you and your higher self. They often won’t address your question in the way you ask it at all. They’ll tell you how you are deluded in your view of the situation, and remind you of how amazing it all really is. I love them. The answer you get is coming from soul, and soul just doesn’t concern itself with money or romantic love or anything petty like that. They guide you to freedom and purity. Lower entities can’t speak through them.

Answer by kaeSpaes
people are evil not the cards

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